Bosnian Future Foundation
We are a small-scale not-for-profit foundation in The Netherlands. We try to provide some new comfort to the poorest people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
‌Donations from various people and companies help us to fullfill some of their primary needs.

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2019 Several different projects
This year we will not concentrate on one project but we will roll up our sleeves at several locations. Attention will be paid to a few previous projects where there is still a lot to do. But we also have a project in mind at a school in Nova Bila.
This year we also have a lot of clothing, and various materials for a school in Travnik. Of course we will update our network again and further tighten the band we already have with our friends.
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Our goal
‌Providing aid to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the ongoing process of creating a normal daily life, so many years after the end of the war. We focus primarily on the poorest families, specifically in the Travnik region.
‌We visit Bosnia twice a year with all kinds of goods and we aim to realize a project every summer.
Why Bosnia?
Now, so many years after the war, a lot of people in Bosnia still live in poverty. Families are broken and damaged, many parents traumatized. The economy is slowly recovering, but there is still no work and not enough financial support in most places to build a decent life. 
How can you help us??
The Bosnian Future Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Your donation will make a direct impact on the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
You can support us by a one-time gift but it is also possible to make a small fixed monthly donation.
Donations to the Bosnian Future Foundation are tax deductible because the foundation has been designated as a General Benefit Institution (ANBI) by the Netherlands tax authorities. For more information about this you can contact us.
‌Voor geinteresseerde bedrijven en verenigingen verzorgen wij graag een presentatie. Voor meer informatie over ons, of voor het bespreken van een presentatie, kunt u een mail sturen, kunt u bellen, of u laat een bericht achter op de contact pagina.


Tel: +31 (0)638 4141 02

Voorzitter: Jan Plagge
Stichting Bosnische Toekomst
RABO bank:
IBAN: NL59 RABO 0127 1495 03
tnv: Stichting Bosnische Toekomst
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Omdat de Bosnische Toekomst ANBI gecertificeerd is, zijn eventuele giften aftrekbaar van de belasting.