A Winter Update
Although there is not a lot of winter this year, Ada and Jan are back in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a car filled to the top with all kind of material. 
Bosnia feels like home again and the greasy air from the coal- and wood-fired stoves smells familiar. In the hotel Carousel, hotel owner Vlado welcomes us with a slibovic, Ibro offers us a nice spacious apartment and the first evening we eat a delicious Carousel steak from the kitchen of Dragana as usual!
The Hospital
Around ten o'clock we knock on the door that Monday and Rushmir, the pharmacist of the hospital, is happy to see us again and we sit still for a chat. A large pile is deposited on the sidewalk. We have 50 glasses for the ophthalmologist. She gives them to poor people who cannot afford glasses. A lot of incontinence material that would be thrown away in the Netherlands is received here with love. We even brought material for diabetics and material for stomas.
In the children's department, we have coffee with several doctors and the nursing staff. Later we come back with 20 sets of beautiful colorful bedding. There is not enough bedding to change everything often enough. And if a minor accident happens to one of the children, the bed linen can be changed quickly. 
NGO "Sreca za sve" ‌(Happiness to all) 
‌and Food Packages for Karaula
This NGO (Non Governmental Organization) offers daytime activities to 40 young adults with a physical and/or mental disability. They make birdhouses, beaded chains and paper flowers. And these are then sold again. We donate a sewing machine to make bags and other nice things!
The garden in the back is neglected and dirty. We have the garden renovated by Smaragd from Travnik, so the people can sit and relax there. 

‌We left a lot of bags with clothes, shoes, cuddly toys and blankets with our contact Selka in the village of Karaula.
Per family she will find out what clothes they need.
We buy food packages for a number of families. These include 50 kg of flour, yeast, butter, sugar, bell pepper, eggs, pasta, rice, oil, chicken legs, lemonade, biscuits, but also cleaning products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
‌ We have to drive into the mountains several times to get everything on the spot. A number of Roma families with several very young children who live in extreme poverty live here. In February, they are still walking around barefoot or in worn-out shoes and in a t-shirt.
Also an older couple, who is struggling with unemployment and sickness, will receive a package from us. 
‌We drink a cup of coffee with Selka and her son and let everything act on us. There is also a lot of misery in the Netherlands, but this is really poignant without a decent social safety net ...

We are glad that we had the opportunity to go back to this beautiful country in the beginning of 2020 because shortly after our departure, the world was locked due to the Corona Crisis.
We are now thinking of all those poor people for whom we hope this crisis will pass their home. They do not have many options to deal with it.

We will be in touch with our people in Bosnia from a distance and we hope to be able to go back soon.

‌Please continue to support us because your donations, in whatever form, can certainly make a difference !!

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